I’m a web designer and front-end developer based in Bristol currently working for 42droids. I have a passion for simple and beautiful interface design, but also love logic and structure when it comes to coding. I’m a mathematician with a law degree from the University of Manchester. It’s worth knowing that I am in a long lasting relationship with both caffeine and tea! I’m a wannabe traveller with the passion to learn everything and be in perpetual motion. When I’m not coding or making pretty designs, I’m out and about with my mountain bike exploring the local terrain that Great Britain has to offer.

< Foundation and Structure >

HTML5 provides a strong foundation for your website with clean, neat and efficient code to enable optimised performance and compatibility across all devices. Together we can discuss and explore new elements for drawing graphics, displaying media content, handling forms and create you a new website structure with search engine optimisation in mind.

{ Styling }

CSS3 is a powerful language that I utilise to describe the presentation semantics of the HTML5 document. In other words, this is what makes your website stand out. We can control the look and feel of your site, change elements such as the layout, colours and fonts. We can even begin to discuss additional features including animations, transformations and transitions too!

Programming ()

After four years of C++ during high school, here I am years later navigating my way through JavaScript and jQuery. Whilst I’m new to these languages combined with my immense appetite for learning, fondness of mathematics, algorithms and of course, logic, I always look forward to a new challenge.

// Architecture and Design

I have a keen eye for detail, and a mind full of concepts waiting to become real life projects. I’m constantly acquiring knowledge about user interface (UI) and user experience design (UX). Whether it’s a complete rebrand, or a freshen up of an existing image I enjoy bringing new ideas to life. I only like responsive websites. The main goal is to achieve perfect balance of aesthetics and usability.